The Love Birds

The Love Birds

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Love and Marriage

Well it has been 3 weeks since Jordan and I  said yes to eternity.

It is barely starting to sink in that we actually got married, but I love the married life. I love him. I love waking him up for school (more like me telling him to shut off his alarm). I love cooking him dinner. I love begging him to go to bed early because he is a night owl and I'm not much of one. I love playing Just Dance and Plants vs. Zombies with him. I love saying our nightly prayers together. I just plain 'ole love being with him all the time!

As for the wedding and the receptions...THEY WERE PERFECT! I have to thank my whole family for going out to California (for those who had to travel) to help and support Jordan and I. Heavenly Father truly blessed me with parents that are so talented when it comes to floral arrangements, decorations, and cake designing. It was such a fun time dancing and spending time with family I hadn’t seen in awhile. Jordan and I loved being able to not only celebrate our marriage but the 65th wedding anniversary of my grandparents. Its our goal to make it that long and still be just in love as we are now! I am also grateful to my new family for giving us a beautiful reception in Arizona. It was exciting to meet so many of their friends and to hear how lucky (or blessed) I am to be part of the Schulze family. Schulze Fest 2k16 x 2 was a huge success!

Before I post some pictures from the wedding I need to thank my photographer. I met Davis in February of 2014. We were both on the Navajo Reservation and we were able to make many lasting memories and share plenty of food haha! I seriously cannot thank him enough for the beautiful pictures he took. Pictures really are worth 1,000 words!

PC: Davis Hilton Photography